Image of Witchkraft


Seven charges were brought against Alice Kyteler and her associates: that they were denying Christ and the church; that they cut up living animals and scattered the pieces at cross roads as offerings to a demon called the son of Art in return for his help; that they stole the keys of the church and held meetings there at night; that in the skull of a robber they placed the intestines and internal organs of cocks, worms, nails cut from dead bodies; that, from this brew, they made potions to incite people to love, hate, kill and afflict Christians; that Alice herself had a certain demon as incubus by whom she permitted herself to be known carnally and that he appeared to her as a shaggy black dog.

Small: 50 Width (cm) 69 Length (cm)
Medium: 53 Width (cm) 72 Length (cm)
Large: 56 Width (cm) 74 Length (cm)
XLarge: 58 Width (cm) 76 Length (cm)


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  • Image of Witchkraft
  • Image of Witchkraft